The Fine Art of Putting

There are few things in the world that are truly unique. Most “custom” products give you options for a certain color or stamp in a pre-defined location, and the final result looks barely different from the stock model. But that couldn’t be further from what you’ve found here at Bradley Putters. Every putter is built from scratch for one specific person, to match their own style and story. And when these exquisite putters are brought to the course, they turn heads and drop jaws as consistently as they drop putts and turn in record rounds.

My wife bought me a custom putter for my graduation from residency. From the minute we sent him a DM, Bradley was amazing. He’s super responsive and engaged and went through the whole process with us. After that, he shares pictures and ideas and processes with you and it’s a cool part of the experience. This is all to say, that even if you think you know, you have no idea how beautiful this putter that you receive is. It’s absolutely stunning. I had to ask him again whether it was a framer or a gamer. His response, it’s definitely a gamer. And is it ever!! It rolls like a gem. Looks awesome and gets everyone talking. I have people at my club who have heard about me because of my putter. This is one of the best golf purchases I have ever made. Definitely recommend to you and have already recommended to everyone I know.

Iqbal J

Details on Details

There’s truly no limit to the creativity that can be incorporated into the putter. In fact, the most exciting projects often start with the client saying “I don’t know if this is possible, but…” For example, this putter was a gift to a F15 squadron leader. His team wanted something special, so we went with a burned treasure map look to the wood, and then a 3D printed and hand-painted jet as the alignment. There’s even the proper flags on the stabilizers. Sure, this might end up on a wall, but the feel of the ball off the face is so good, and the stories this will invoke are so special, that it can’t help but be gamed at least at those veteran tournaments.


It actually feels amazing… I absolutely love it.

Rick Shiels

My favorite thing that’s handcrafted in the golf world.

Sean Zak,

Probably my favorite golf item I’ve ever owned.

Ryan Rustand, Coach Rusty

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Next Steps

You’re interested, but you don’t even know where you’d start. Here’s how most people who have a Bradley Putter made it happen.

1. Explore the gallery. There’s thousands of pictures and stories of putters to get inspiration. Once you see a few things you like, you’re ready for step 2.

2. Contact Brad. You can email [email protected], DM on instagram or reddit, or use the chat box. Tell him your ideas, and after some back-and-forth, you will hop on the phone to finalize the design and get it on the books. For pricing, expect $1250-2500 depending on the complexity.

3. Production. You will get picture updates every step of the way. Since Brad is building you a putter that has never existed before, he will upload artwork plans and in-process snapshots for your approval. He guarantees that you will love the putter, and won’t stop until it’s perfect.

4. Delivery. After 1-2 months, you’ll be opening a gorgeous box (or watching the recipient open it) and pulling out the most beautiful putter you’ve ever seen. You’ll roll it on your carpet and marvel at the unbelievable feel and performance.

5. The Course. Every time you go golfing, your putter will get noticed. You will be the envy of your foursome, and the members in your club will all want to see your beautiful new putter. And when you drain the birdie on 18 to win your match, the crowd will (probably) hoist you on their shoulders and chant your name all the way to the clubhouse.

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