The Fine Art of Putting

As a gift for the golfer who has everything,

or to complete your personal golf bag,

there’s nothing quite like a Bradley.

Design Levels


Available putter heads and starting blocks of wood can be found here. Choose a style you love, and Bradley will finish it and engrave your desired text or date on the side of the putter. It will be shafted and gripped to your exact specifications.

2-4 week delivery


Work with Bradley to design your own putter, with your custom engraving on either the top or bottom. Customize every aspect of the look and specs, and build a gamer that you will be proud to pull out of your bag and roll for years to come.

4-8 week delivery


The most popular choice for that perfect gift, spend 30+ minutes on the phone with Bradley designing a detailed top and bottom to the putter that tells their unique story and is guaranteed to be loved by the golfer who has everything.

4-12 week delivery


Reserved only for those craving something truly extraordinary, these putters demand the very best of Bradley’s imagination and skillsets to pull off a breathtaking design. Incorporates 3D printed and hand painted elements for an epic story.

3+ months

The Bradley Putter Story

After spending 10 years as a Mechanical Engineer designing military equipment to survive nukes and programming in 10 different languages, Bradley had to decide: Move to Virginia to keep the job he loved, or stay in Oregon and start over.

While on a trip to Portland, he found a wooden drum in a high-end furniture store and got an idea. Within two months, he brought the Bradley Putter Company to the 2017 PGA show, where listed his product as one of the best.

Seven years later, Bradley has mastered the craft of designing and handcrafting gamers that showcase a story. Every putter is handmade by Bradley, and every interaction is handled by him too. The attention to detail demands it.