What makes a Bradley Putter special?

From the unique look of the wood and acrylic, to the unparalleled performance thanks to the patented internal weighting, there truly is nothing quite like a Bradley. Even if you have the most expensive Circle T Scotty, or a custom Bettinardi, most golfers won’t recognize that your putter is special. But if you pull even the most basic Bradley out of your bag, everyone is going to know that you’ve got something different. And as soon as they see you roll it, they’ll know that it’s not just for looks. Nothing holds a story like a Bradley.

What if I don't know exactly what design I want?

Every putter is a collaborative design. Bradley has worked with over a thousand people, turning their stories into a work of art. Very few of those clients knew exactly what they wanted before the first phone call. All you need to know is that you want a putter, and Bradley will help you from then on.

Can I customize every aspect of my putter, including the shape, size, and materials used?

Absolutely! Every putter can have your desired length, loft, lie, and balance. Special blocks can be customized with your desired weight, too.

Original putters are designed with the previous specifications, as well as your choice of wood and acrylic, and a detailed engraving on one side.

Heirloom putters allow for special designs and engravings on every side of your putter.

Masterpiece putters allow every single aspect of the putter to be customized, often incorporating 3D printed elements and never-before-seen methods.

What types of wood are available? Can I send in my own?

The most common wood is maple, but depending on the style you’re looking for, almost any wood can be used. You can even send wood from your childhood home, your school’s bleachers, your baseball bat, an old trophy, or your grandpa’s workshop. But no worries if you don’t have wood with a story. We have access to the most gorgeous woods in the world!

How do I start the custom putter design process with Bradley Putters?

Simply fill out the Custom Design Request form, and Bradley will reach out with the next steps.

Are the putters suitable for professional play or are they considered more as collector’s items?

The putters are meant to be played. Many people have played in tournaments and shot well under par with their Bradley.

What technology and craftsmanship go into the making of a Bradley Putter?

This isn’t made of normal wood, which is soft and dents easily. It’s stabilized wood, which means that the wood is first dried completely; then it’s put in a vacuum chamber with a chemical called cactus juice. That liquid fills every cell where water used to be. Then the wood is placed in an oven, and the wood becomes almost like plastic. It’s now much harder, waterproof, and more easily machinable. Then every putter has internal weights for optimal balance and feel.

While the shape is all formed by hand, the templates and final design are made and checked by lasers.

How does the weight of a wood and acrylic putter compare to traditional putters?

Wood and acrylic is much lighter than aluminum or steel, so inside each putter is hundreds of grams of lead. This means that the final weight is the same as traditional putters, but the weight is distributed further from the sweet spot, so it has more forgiveness and feel.

Can I request specific engravings or personalizations on my putter?

Absolutely! You can send in pictures of your favorite places, your dog, your sports team, your city, your home, or just about anything you could think of or imagine. If you want a picture of you running away from a grizzly bear while holding a large salmon, you got it.

Do you offer putters for both left-handed and right-handed golfers?

Every putter can be made for a lefty or righty.

How do I determine the right putter size and weight for my playing style?

For players who are 5’8”-6’, 34” length works well. If you are taller, you could go up to 35”, and if you are shorter, 33” might feel better. For the weight, most people like right around 350 grams. If you play on really fast greens, you might like it a bit heavier.

How long does it take to create and deliver a custom putter?

Special putters take 2-4 weeks. Original designs are 4-8 weeks, and heirloom designs are 4-12 weeks. Masterpieces often take more than 3 months.

What is the process for providing custom specifications for my order?

Brad will ask you a series of questions over the phone, starting with the story you want the putter to tell. From there, you will collaboratively decide on each design decision. For the performance specifications, we can match your existing putter or base it off some simple questions about the recipient’s body type and golf game.

Can I see a preview of my custom putter design before it’s made?

Not really. Because you are getting a putter that’s never been made before, and it’s made from natural materials, there’s no good way to show a CAD file that will accurately represent the final design. So instead of that, you get access to the manufacturing software that Brad uses to make your putter, so that you will see the putter being made every step of the way. You will see the artwork design and placement before it is engraved on the putter.

Is it possible to adjust my order once the design process has started?

For Special putters, there are no changes allowed after the order is started. For Original, Heirloom, and Masterpiece putters, minor changes are allowed as long as they stay within the limits of their tier.

What payment methods do you accept?

Cash, check, credit card, PayPal, Venmo, and Zelle. Payment is due upfront.

Are there financing options or payment plans available?

There are not.

Do you ship internationally, and what are the shipping costs?

Yes! Shipping is $75 for international delivery, and will be sent DHL or FedEx. Please note that your country may charge duty and tax on top of the price of the putter, and that will be your responsibility.

How is the putter packaged to ensure it arrives safely?

Each putter comes in a 40” custom Bradley Putter box, carefully secured in packing paper and fully insured. If it is damaged in shipping, Bradley will repair it to new or make you a new one.

Can I track my order once it has been shipped?

Yes, you will receive an email with tracking information.

What is the return policy for custom putters?

Due to the custom nature of your putter, no refunds are allowed. However, we do guarantee that you will love it, and will gladly modify the design or specs until you do.

Do Bradley Putters come with a warranty? What does it cover?

Yes, your putter is guaranteed for life. If it ever chips, cracks, breaks, or comes loose, it can definitely be repaired. In the worst case, it will be replaced.

How should I care for and maintain my wood and acrylic putter?

Keep your putter in its headcover whenever it is in your bag, and take care of it like you would any other high end putter. It is waterproof, so don’t worry about it getting wet. It should be able to survive any long putt you would normally take, but it is not recommended to try hitting it off the tee.

Who can I contact for after-sales support or if I have issues with my order?

You can email [email protected].

Is there a discount when buying multiple putters at once?

Absolutely. Depending on the similarity between the designs, there can be considerable savings.