Maryland Flag Putter


Introducing the Maryland Flag Putter – a tribute to the rich heritage and unmistakable charm of Maryland. Designed for golfers who carry a piece of Maryland in their hearts, this putter combines exceptional craftsmanship with iconic state symbols, ensuring you stand out on the golf course.

Uniquely Maryland: This custom golf putter features a vibrant design inspired by the Maryland state flag, known for its bold patterns and colors. Crafted from high-quality stabilized wood, the putter is both durable and strikingly beautiful.

Flavorful Touch: In a nod to one of Maryland’s culinary staples, the red acrylic sections of the putter contain real Old Bay seasoning. This unique addition not only adds a touch of local flavor but also makes each putter a one-of-a-kind masterpiece, as no two are exactly alike.

Craftsmanship and Performance: Meticulously constructed, the Maryland Pride Putter is designed to enhance your game. The stabilized wood ensures a solid, satisfying feel, while the balanced weight distribution aids in precision and control. The durable acrylic inlays are carefully poured and cured to provide a smooth, flawless finish that catches the eye.

Perfect for Gifting or Collecting: Whether you’re looking to show off your Maryland pride, searching for the perfect gift for a golfing enthusiast, or adding a special piece to your collection, this putter is designed to impress.

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    Standard specs are 34" length, 3 deg loft, 70 deg lie, and a face balance.