Dad’s Family Putter

Jordan wanted to get something special for her husband’s 40th birthday. He owns a construction company and loves his family.

He has a tattoo of him and his dad at the beach on his arm, and they have a picture of him and his son at the beach that looks very similar.

For the top, I set a fine-toothed saw blade as the alignment line on some redwood burl. The metal was originally painted red, so that all had to be removed since the color would have clashed with the wood.

For the bottom, I engraved the image of her husband and son on the beach, and even included the detail of his arm tattoo. There’s also their anniversary on one side, and his daughter’s initials and heartbeat on the other side.


Design Level


Embedded Elements


Acrylic Colors


Ordered: March 10th, 2024
Shipped: April 4th, 2024