Lava Lion

Jake wanted something wild. He had a very specific vision for his putter, where bullets were melting into the lava, and a katana sword floated above.

He wanted a gold crown with diamonds around the sides, and a roaring lion with wings on the bottom. And he wanted to be involved every step of the way.

The first step was choosing the right piece of wood and dyeing it black. Then I poured yellow and orange UV acrylic to create a lava effect, and sent pictures over Trello to make sure the color was perfect.

I then 3D printed and hand-painted the sword, and used clear UV to hover it above the lava.

For the bullets, I removed all the gunpowder and primer before setting them in the lava acrylic. I roughed up the metal so that the clear acrylic would adhere, and carefully did the glassy pour.

The engraving around the side required 8 different passes, lined up perfectly for continuity.

This project took a couple months to complete, and a whole lot of back and forth to make it perfect.


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Embedded Elements



Acrylic Colors

Ordered: November 3rd, 2023
Shipped: February 13th, 2024