Hogwarts Castle

Josh finally booked a phone call after years of following the Reddit posts.

He knew that he wanted a Harry Potter theme that wasn’t subtle, but also wasn’t completely obnoxious; darker colors, and design elements with hidden meanings, and ideally his initials somewhere too. He also wasn’t afraid of going all-out on the complexity.

The base wood had to be a striped walnut, for its dark, rich color.

The easiest decision was the Elder Wand alignment line. It’s mostly a straight line, but there are a couple of distinctive spheres along the length.

Next up was the centerpiece of the design: the bottom engraving. This is where there can be the most detail, and Josh wanted a showstopper. He asked for Hogwarts, and in keeping with the dark theme, we decided on the students arriving on boats at night. From the moon to the glow of a fire on the central walkway, there are details on details. Every time you look, there’s another nuance to explore.

A subtle Deathly Hallows sits quietly on the face, but for the initials JO, we wanted something more obvious. The J is made of a Gryffindor scarf, while the O is the golden snitch.


Design Level


Embedded Elements



Acrylic Colors


Ordered: February 12, 2024
Shipped: March 08, 2024