Gold Nuggets

Elliott is a jeweler, and wanted a putter that matched his passion for gold and diamonds. He proved a vial full of gold nuggets, as well as a couple diamonds to choose from.

He’s from the Pacific Northwest, so he wanted the base wood to be Redwood.

After careful thought and consideration, I decided to place the nuggets in both a vein and loosely along the top, as if they were resting in a creek. Then I carved pockets into the side of the putter and filled those with large, bright nuggets.

For the alignment, I embedded the diamond straight into the wood on top of a sparkle UV glue, before covering it with a clear UV resin to seal it in place. This allowed plenty of light to make all the facets shine. Getting the top facet to line up perfectly took careful tweaking and the use of an overhead light to ensure the glint was aligned.

While this putter was thoughtfully designed, it also looks entirely natural, simple and elegant.


Design Level


Embedded Elements



Acrylic Colors


Ordered: September 3rd, 2023
Shipped: March 18th, 2024