Europa Clipper

Ross wanted to get an epic birthday present for his brother, who is an engineer working on the Europa Clipper spacecraft project. Ross sent over a t shirt design and a poster that he thought might look cool.

The poster was easy enough to digitize, but the magnetic field was far too blurry. So after some emails to NASA, Brad tracked down the original file and got permission to use it.

For the top, Brad first laid down a swirly white acrylic background. Then he engraved the blue lines, and finally poured a glass-clear acrylic over the top.

For the bottom, Brad engraved each color area one at a time, and then filled it with the appropriate UV resin, paying careful attention to the swirls before curing.

And on the side, we included the 3 organizations partnering on the project, with APL at the top, since that is the one to which his brother belongs.


Design Level


Embedded Elements



Acrylic Colors


Ordered: March 27th, 2023
Shipped: May 25th, 2023