Cherry Blossoms

Eric wanted a putter that celebrated his Japanese heritage. He asked for the design to incorporate cherry blossoms and his family crest, and a subtle nod to Hawaii.

Shou Sugi Ban is a popular Japanese technique of burning wood to protect it. I took a clean, straight grained piece of cherry wood and torched the top of it. Then I cut branches into the burned section to reveal the bright wood underneath, and coated the surface in clear acrylic.

Next, after careful alignment, I engraved cherry blossoms and his family crest into the clear acrylic. I added a floating blossom as the alignment aid.

We decided to keep the bottom simple and clean to highlight the gorgeous cherry wood, and burned the Hawaiian islands into the side of the putter.


Design Level


Embedded Elements


Acrylic Colors


Ordered: July 16th, 2023
Shipped: August 27th, 2023