Challenge Coins

Jessica wanted to gift her husband something special to commemorate his time in the army. She had several of his challenge coins and knew that they would be appreciated more often on the golf course rather than hidden in a drawer.

We decided on the Argo shape, since the 2 ball design fits two challenge coins perfectly. For the bottom, Jessica had an impressive helicopter “coin”, but the rotors were too long to fit. So after getting permission, I cut them shorter and sanded them to match the overall look.

The laser can only engrave a few mm deep, so after precision-cutting a pocket, I used a dremel to carve the rest by hand. It then was covered in clear acrylic before the final shaping. And a final layer of gloss after adding the shaft made the acrylic surface disappear.


Design Level


Embedded Elements



Acrylic Colors


Ordered: October 3rd, 2023
Shipped: November 7th, 2023