Custom Bradley Putter


Custom builder for a Bradley Putter.

  • Design

    Choose your base design. Do you want a full wood putter, or do you want some acrylic to add color to the piece? Do you want to embed a class ring? Or would you like me to embed a plane or coral scene into your putter? This step is the foundation of your design, and everything else just builds on this.

    Provide the details for how you want the putter to look. Wood color, acrylic color, rough location of elements, etc.


    Choose your shape. The Widowmaker is the most popular, but I generally recommend choosing a shape that is similar to your current putter. I always tell people to choose the largest shape they would feel comfortable looking at, for both performance and aesthetic reasons. The more gorgeous wood and acrylic, the better!


    For grips, we use Gripmaster Cabretta leather in black, brown, or blue. The three sizes are midsize, paddle, and oversize. Oversize is similar to a SuperStroke 2,0, while midsize is your standard smaller putter grip. Paddle is right between the two in size, but has an wider, flatter front than the midsize, and a more tapered back than the oversize.

    Grip Color



    Shaft Color

    The black and white options are powdercoated steel shafts.


    This engraving goes on top of the putter, right where the face should impact the ball.

    Describe your desired alignment below. Standard is a 1cm long white or black line, whichever has the most contrast with your putter color.

    Describe your desired custom alignment below.

    Bottom Engraving

    Engraving Modifiers

    Side Engraving

    Side Engraving Details

    Face Engraving

    Face Engraving Details


    For the finish, most people choose the gloss. It protects the wood from getting dyed green by the fertilizer that goes on putting greens sometimes, and makes the colors of the wood and acrylic pop. It is a professionally-applied automotive clear coat, which means that it is highly durable and scratch resistant. If you have a darker wood and want a more matte look, then the wax is just fine. I use Howard’s Feed N Wax, and you can find some at your local hardware store. Just reapply after every few rounds to keep it looking polished.


    Choose your headcover. The standard Only You Can Prevent Three Putts cover is fun, but leather is ideal for really classy projects, and there’s nothing quite like an exotic gator or ostrich skin cover in a matching color to your putter, and we can even match it to your grip!

    Exotic Cover Details


    Standard specs are 34" length, 3 deg loft, 70 deg lie, 350 grams, and a face balance.

    Additional Notes

    Anything else you want us to know for the putter?

    Price Adjustment